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3 AMAzing Ways to Support Students and Future Marketers

By Jennifer Best

Posted @ Feb 19, 2024

If you’re in a position to hire the next generation of marketers, for internships or jobs after graduation, you know exactly how valuable connecting with students attending our colleges and universities can be. 

Part of the mission of AMA Triangle is to bring together our college students and our professional chapter: fostering relationships, strengthening skills, and creating a strong and robust marketing community. 

Whether you’re a student, a professional, or any combination of this, we’ve got some inexpensive or even free ways to help us achieve our mission.

1. Collegiate students can join AMA Triangle too! 

Earlier this year, AMA Triangle made it even easier for active college chapter members to add joining the professional chapter … by making it FREE! If you’re a paid member in a collegiate chapter, reach out to and let us know you’d like to add a membership in AMA Triangle at no additional cost, and we’ll make it happen.

No chapter on your campus? Students can also join AMA Triangle at the current student chapter rate of $29/year. Select AMA Triangle as your chapter when you visit to sign up for membership. 

If you’re a recent graduate or about to graduate, be sure to look into this little known perk. You can join AMA for one year for free (a $170 value) within three years of graduation. This is a great way to jumpstart your marketing career and build your network. 

Check out this page for details on all of these ways to join us.

2. Hey alumni! Sponsor a collegiate chapter today.

Did you know that AMA Triangle offers Collegiate Sponsorship opportunities? One of the best ways you can support the next generation is by sponsoring this one.

By sponsoring a collegiate chapter, you are enabling students and faculty to become more involved with AMA Triangle, expanding their networks, providing valuable education on today’s hottest trends in marketing, and offering mentorship that they might not otherwise have. 

You can:

  • Choose to support a specific school
  • Choose to support any school, such as any HBCU in our area
  • Choose to support any school in most need of support
  • Build a package that fits your goals and your budget

Collegiate sponsorships are customizable and can include:

  • Membership fees to join the chapter for students and faculty
  • Transportation and admission to events
  • Scholarships to students with the sponsor’s name attached to them
  • Stipends to staff for unfunded materials
  • Exposure for your organization to both the AMA Triangle membership and to the collegiate students you’re sponsoring.

This is a great opportunity to support AMA Triangle and its growth supporting marketers in the area. Contact Chuck or Jen for more information. 

3. Get involved. Become a volunteer.

There are great ways to support our collegiate members, and the first of those is by volunteering with AMA Triangle to make programs like all of these happen! Let Jen know if you’re interested in helping our volunteer-run team.

Saturday, February 24th is NC State University AMA Chapter’s 6th Annual Regional Conference at the McKimmon Center. This full day event extends beyond NCSU and even beyond North Carolina, as students from around the country are invited to attend. Students will hear from industry professionals, listen to accomplished guest speakers, compete for scholarships, network for jobs, and learn from each other. 

How can you support NC State’s AMA Conference? Here are three ways.

    1. Become a sponsor of this event. The chapter is still looking for companies looking to hire interns or recent graduates, and sponsorships for their career fair are only $250. Meet and talk to students on the spot.
    2. Judge a competition. This event features a scholarship competition where students will compete for up to $3,000 in scholarships. The chapter is looking for professionals to help judge the competition to award these scholarships.
    3. Spread the word. If you are or know a college student who might be interested in attending this event, please help spread the word by sharing this link with your networks:

For questions about this event, please contact the NCSU AMA Chapter directly through their website. And, we hope to see you there!

Let’s all support our next generation of marketing professionals by giving our collegiate students in central North Carolina the opportunity to learn, network, and grow with us. These are some of the ways to help support the mission of AMA Triangle, and if you’re interested in helping us advance the marketing profession, I hope you’ll consider getting involved. 

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