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How Do You Know a Conference is Worthwhile?

By Morgan Lang

Posted @ Mar 18, 2019

It might seem counter intuitive considering a conference is where you go to find answers, but as a new AMA Triangle member and first-time representative of Sweeney, the sign for me that the High Five conference was a success was that I left with so many questions.

From big names like LinkedIn and Microsoft to local boutique agencies and vendors, I spent two knowledge-packed days soaking in insight from great minds in marketing. The wide array of topics – ranging from impostor syndrome and inclusion in the workplace to cause-based marketing and the state of digital these days – combined both internal and external issues marketers face in an engaging and informative way. Plus, there were so many opportunities to network with friendly faces from the local community and beyond. This made the conference more than just an educational experience, but a pleasant networking and social experience as well.

The main takeaway for me is that as an industry, we’ll never stop changing – and therefore adapting our processes is critical. The value I was able to bring back to my agency is a fresh perspective on what we’re doing that’s working, and what can be taken into consideration for improvement. The following are five questions I learned to keep top-of-mind thanks to the marketing and creative minds of High Five.

  1. How do we achieve more engagement with our clients and our client’s customers – even to the seventh-level?
  2. How can inclusion and designing for one (rather than many) be an engine for innovation for ourselves and our clients?
  3. How do we build brand equity in an authentic way and succeed at telling a story, our story, more concisely?
  4. How do we bring together two types of thinkers – creative and analytical – to approach situations with fresh perspective and make them feel invested in the creative process from the beginning?
  5. How does advancing technology impact our work without taking away our value?

If you find you’re interested in challenging yourself with new perspectives and questions like these, I’d highly recommend talking to your company about the benefits of attending other events by AMA Triangle. The High Five Conference comes once a year, but they have plenty of educational and networking programming each month. See you there!


Morgan Lang is an Account Services Manager at Sweeney. She’s worked on traditional, digital and creative campaigns for B2B and B2C clients in outdoor, tech, retail, craft and textile industries. As a marketing co-chair for the AMA’s Activate Good, she uses her media relations experience to generate awareness for the organization’s mission.

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