From Triangle Newbie to Networking Pro: How AMA Triangle Helped Jennifer Best Find Her Professional Tribe

By Jasmine Matthews

Posted @ Feb 18, 2023

When Jennifer Best packed her bags and made the bold move to the Raleigh area in the midst of the pandemic, she knew that building a new social life would be a challenge. Yet, she was determined to create a fresh start and find a sense of community in her new home even if it meant facing the difficulties of meeting new people in the socially-distanced world.


With no local network in place, Jennifer braced herself for a long road to finding her tribe. But much to her surprise, and sooner than she expected, she discovered AMA Triangle—a community that ultimately changed her new life for the better.


Building Community


Quickly after moving, Jennifer realized that building a strong network in her new city would require her to put herself out there. Which is why, after receiving a glowing recommendation from her realtor, she found herself jumping right in to volunteer with AMA Triangle. It was a decision that would prove to be one of the best she’s ever made.


Through her passion for making a difference, Jennifer found a group of like-minded individuals who embraced her same ideals and values for making the community a better place. Together, they worked toward the common goals of creating a supportive and thriving professional network – and providing many invaluable resources for others to build their connections too.


Creating Opportunities


Joining AMA also opened doors for Jennifer to tool-sharpen and take her professional skills to the next level. After leading a phenomenal year as the Director of the Connect & Inspire Mentorship Program, Jennifer put her event industry expertise as the VP of Marketing for AAE Speaker Bureau to good use and took on AMA Triangle’s VP of Programming role, successfully leading the organization’s transition to hybrid events.


What’s more, landing a spot on the AMA Triangle Board of Directors has created new opportunities to amplify her business’s visibility. She often finds herself approached by members who are curious about the work she does outside of volunteering, or interested in finding speakers and planning events for their own professional endeavors. 


Getting Started


There are 3 words that Jennifer would use to sum up her experience so far with AMA Triangle: community, mentorship, and belonging. They’re why she chose to get involved, and why she continues to be excited about the opportunities to volunteer, attend events, and meet new people.


From finding her partners in purpose-work to elevating her craft and feeling supported along the way, her journey is a testament to the power of community and the limitless opportunities that can arise when one chooses to take a risk and a leap of faith. 


If you’re reading this and happen to be on the fence about joining, Jennifer would tell you to take a chance and see for yourself what AMA Triangle has to offer. 


You just might find your people, too. 


About Jennifer Best:


Jennifer Best brings nearly two decades of leadership experience in digital and demand marketing to her role as the Vice President of Marketing for AAE Speakers Bureau. Joining the AAE team in March 2020, Best was part of the organization’s coordinated and successful effort to shift product offerings to support virtual events in response to the pandemic.

Prior to joining the AAE team, Best managed high-performing digital marketing teams in both the healthcare tech and cybersecurity industries. Best began her career as an SBA-award-winning entrepreneur for her digital marketing agency, Lewis Web Creations, where she helped hundreds of small, home-based, and non-profit businesses with online marketing and web design services. She received her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Delaware.

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