Slack Community

Slack for AMA Triangle — because we <3 community.

Slack + AMA Triangle Members = <3

Community is at the heart of AMA Triangle. It’s why our members join, volunteer and engage. But what if there was a way to more easily and effectively connect our community of 500+ AMA Triangle members? A place where you could go to ask questions, brainstorm, get advice, catch up on the latest marketing news, expand your network or even find a buddy to grab lunch with IRL.

Enter, our new members-only AMA Triangle Slack.

And we hope you enjoy it! We’ve beta tested Slack with our volunteer team in the past and loved it. It enables meaningful group discussions while also allowing for 1:1 communication. And that was the intent behind creating this members-only AMA Triangle Slack — easily allow marketers to connect in a digital space, while also discussing hot trends, lessons learned and more between our IRL events.

Ready to get your invitation?

After you fill out the invite request form, our volunteer team will verify your membership + send you an invitation to the AMA Triangle Slack space (within 24 hours). From there, just follow these instructions (accept an invitation). That’s it — you’re in! 


Here are our channels (to start)...

  • #general (AMA news, announcements + questions)
  • #branding
  • #event
  • #email
  • #social-media
  • #lead-gen
  • #content
  • #ppc-sem-seo
  • #web-design
  • #analytics
  • #internal-comms
  • #jobs
  • #random
  • #MarTech
  • #shine-theory

The channels are a great place for asking questions, communicating with fellow marketers and staying up-to-date on the latest trends.

We also have some guidelines...

To help maintain a safe and welcoming environment, we ask that all AMA Triangle Slack community members abide by the following guidelines.

  • Be kind + respectful. This community will thrive by adhering to the Golden Rule.
  • Use the proper channel for discussions + don’t @channel. We’ve organized the channels by marketing channels (pun intended) but have also included #random. To help us minimize notifications, please don’t @channel. 
  • Use common sense. These guidelines don’t cover every situation. If you’re not sure if something is okay or would like to report something inappropriate, please reach out to us at

We want to create the best possible atmosphere for all members of our community. Our board members and volunteers will serve as community moderators to ensure this as well (taking appropriate action when needed, including uninviting). Thank you + happy Slacking!

PS — if you’re new to Slack, their help page has TONS of great info. Our community Slack moderators are also there to help — just ask.


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