There are myriad reasons to become part of the AMA Triangle community. Learn #WhyAMATriangle can benefit you! AMA membership is now $169. Discount Group Membership is now $139 per person for any 3+ who join together.

To grow your network...

  • Join 500+ local members and more than 15,000 marketers nationwide in the essential community for marketing professionals.
  • Make authentic connections at our local events, including workshops, speakers and socials.
  • Get to know fellow marketers in a member-only Slack community where you can ask questions, share resources and meet new people.

But Wait... there's more!

Networking is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to #WhyAMATriangle! There’s much more to offer for career advancement, growing expertise, and giving back.

Advance Your Career…

Connect with top regional employers at fairs and other events for career seekers and explore our curated job board to find your dream role. Network with an exclusive, national group of executive marketers that includes CMOs, EVPs, and more.

Job Board

Transitions Mastermind for job seekers

CONNECT & INSPIRE mentorship program

National Executive Marketers group 

Deepen Your Expertise…

Gain expert knowledge from industry leaders during our Signature Speaker Series, webinars, workshops, and other events. Enhance your skills with an affordable professional certification. Stay ahead of the curve with articles, research, toolkits, and more from our rich library of resources.

AMA Triangle Events

Professional Certified Marketer

Resource Library 

Give Back…

Expand your network as a chapter volunteer and join a talented team that’s at the core of our community. Serve as a Connect & Inspire mentor to gain a fresh perspective, grow as a coach and develop the next generation of marketers. Join #AMAImpact to connect professionals with local volunteer opportunities to make a difference in the Triangle.

Volunteer with the chapter

Serve as a mentor 

Volunteer with local non-profits and charities through #AMAImpact

So, #WhyAMATriangle? To reach your full potential.

We’d love to welcome you to the AMA Triangle community.

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