Something special is happening at The Loading Dock in Raleigh. Gabi’s Grounds, a specialty coffee company, is empowering those in the special abilities community to find their place in the world – through the best coffee in Raleigh and fulfillment activities such as packaging, assembling, and labeling via Gabi’s PALS.

A Brilliant Idea, Helping Many

The Raleigh coffee company was founded by Gabi Angelini, and her mother, Mary. Upon high school graduation, Gabi found it difficult to find employment, due to her disability, despite having a bubbly personality, strong work ethic, and love of service. Mary was appalled at the fact that discrimination among those with a disability is so prolific. In fact, in Wake County, North Carolina, a staggering 82% of those with a disability are unemployed.

Mary and Gabi took action, partnering with Larry’s Coffee to create a private-label coffee blend, available only on the Gabi’s Grounds website. Gabi’s Grounds, and Gabi’s PALS, were founded as not-for-profits, and have expanded from their humble beginnings at their home to a large, functional space at the Loading Dock. Providing tasty coffee is just a by-product of their main goal: to employ as many special abilities individuals as possible. So far, they have accomplished that goal, with over 40 employees.

Gabi’s Grounds and AMA Triangle

Since the summer of 2022, Gabi’s Grounds has been a partner of AMA Triangle, supporting professional development events with their delicious coffee. In return, the mission and brand are featured in AMA promotions throughout the year. On a recent episode of the AMA Voices podcast with AMA Triangle’s VP of Communications, Brian Basilico, Gabi described AMA Triangle in three words: networkers, connectors, and influencers.

Gabi of Gabi's Grounds Coffee is helping those with special abilities in the Raliegh Area

How You Can Get Involved

Gabi’s Grounds and Gabi’s PALS have multiple opportunities for you to support. According to YouGov, more than 53% of U.S. adults drink at least one cup of coffee per day. If you or someone you know is in that 53%, we recommend the Light Roast from Gabi’s Grounds – light, organic and delicious!

The employees at Gabi’s also work on projects that involve expert packaging, assembling, and labeling. Some of their clients and project include:

  • Realtors that want to send out thank you gifts to their clients
  • Organizations seeking to outsource their fulfillment for dropshipping
  • Companies that want to send their new employees gifts throughout the year

Gabi’s PALs operate from their warehouse at The Loading Dock, but can also travel to clients’ locations for on-site project work. To learn more about their work and how to request their help, click here.

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